April 24, 2014

The Magic of Microbands

They are the only item that has been in the window of Martin Katz since the boutique first opened in 2002. This collection, stackable gemstone and diamond rings, hoop earrings, and bangles, are so painstakingly hand-set that they appear to be floating on a piece of silk thread. The Martin Katz Microband ring consists of collection quality diamonds seemingly held together by nothing. It is smooth, even silky to the touch, with a hint of metal feel (white, yellow or antiqued gold) on the inside. The diamonds are only D, E and F, which is why they are so white and vibrant. The same standard– highest quality stones to make the Microbands vibrant—is applied to the colored stone Microbands such as orange sapphire or blue topaz. If the highest quality stones aren’t used, the rings don’t pop and aren’t as vibrant. If you compare the Martin Katz Microband rings to other stackable gemstone and diamond rings you will see the difference in the coloration. A few years ago the Oprah Winfrey show contacted Katz about featuring his Microbands for the annual “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show. He wanted to say yes so badly. Unfortunately, he had to turn them down because of the time it takes to make a Microband and the quantity that the show needed – it would have broken him. Also, the sales demand that would have come after the show – a production nightmare. The real fun for people is in deciding how they want to combine these couture stackable gemstone and diamond rings. Edgy, avant-garde types will probably opt for the black and white diamonds in the antiqued setting with a cognac diamond or ruby band for accent.


Classic types usually gravitate toward the spotted or solid blue sapphire with white diamonds in the white or yellow gold setting. Katz loves to see his micropave´engagement rings paired with a Microband. It’s a classic combination. “I was the first to create this design almost 20 years ago. Our tagline, as jeweler to the stars, is “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated” and it’s very accurate because although others have tried to copy the look, they can never get it exactly right. I have the secret and I am not sharing it with anyone. “