April 24, 2014

Sapphire Holiday Jewels: True Blues

Getting the blues can be a good thing. At least when you’re talking about sapphires, that is. The precious gemstones are prized for their vibrant cerulean hues. And the more deeply saturated the blue, the more valuable the stone. A touch of violet is welcome, but any hint of green in a blue sapphire, and its value plummets.

“I love working with rare blue sapphires, which, for me, always evoke timeless glamour and luxury. When I encounter a show-stopping gemstone, I typically let it inspire the overall design of the jewelry piece.”

That was certainly the case with all three of the spectacular sapphires set into this trio of statement-making rings.


Spotted Blue Pastel Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring

10.95 carat pastel blue cushion-cut sapphire surrounded by a spotted border of diamonds and blue sapphires.


Cornflower Blue Cushion-cut Sapphire Ring

14.60 carat cushion-cut Cornflower blue sapphire centering this elegant ring inspired its classic, fuss-free design. Two long trapezoid-shaped diamonds flank the dark-blue beauty — which sits atop a platinum setting featuring 170 micro-set diamonds. Simple and refined, this show-stopping ring would be the belle of any holiday ball.