March 9, 2016

2016 Oscar Trends



New York Fashion Week (with London, Milan, and Paris following) highlights what’s new and next in clothing, but when it comes to jewelry, all eyes are on the Oscars.  As we don’t have an equivalent to Fashion Week in our industry, the event is almost as important to jewelers as it is to filmmakers.


Now that the 88th Academy Awards is part of Hollywood history, let’s look back at the jewelry trends we saw that evening.


I’ve worked side by side with renowned stylist Phillip Bloch for 20 years. Together, we help Hollywood’s best pull together their red carpet looks. He works the clothes and accessories; I style their jewelry. Our goal is to have just enough sparkle to make a statement, but never too much. This year, CNN did a brief clip of the two of us in my Beverly Hills boutique, getting ready to figure out who’s going to wear what pieces. Click here to watch.


Every year before the Oscars, KTLA 5 invites me to preview the red carpet jewelry on their morning news show. See it here.  I’m proud to say I was pretty much right on target this year. The only thing I thought we’d see and we didn’t was the shoulder-duster earring. But my predictions of cluster earrings, choker necklaces, big cocktail rings and stacked cuffs and bangles were definitely trending.


High jewelry trends are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. When a woman chooses a rare, precious jewel, she needs to know it’s going to look as good in 10 years as it does the first day she puts it on. I think a choker or a necklace worn above the collarbone is this year’s best example of how trends evolve. This look was extremely popular in the 90’s and is making a huge comeback. I’m sure it’s helped by the fact that runway fashion is having a very 70’s retro moment right now and that was an era when the choker was popular. Another trending style is the layering of thin, delicate chains – a great look that wears well for every day, not just on the red carpet.


We’re also seeing a revival of the cluster earrings. Clusters give a bold, tailored look. It’s more about an “on ear” or “up the ear” look. They are still a larger earring, but being “on the ear” makes them easy, and comfortable to wear.


I’ve been approached about chandelier earrings . . . How often do fashion editors proclaim they’re out even when another magazine, the same month, says they’re in? I think a chandelier earring of the right size and with the right dress can be a great look. The only time I am not fond of them is when they are so large that they wear the woman instead of the other way around. And yes, we saw many on the red carpet this year.


I’m passionate about my jewelry and so I love to play with different looks. The look that still remains dear to my heart after all these years is Nicole Kidman in 1997. I am a longtime collector of vintage jewelry, and I had Indian mogul jewelry in my archive that I just knew would be perfect with the chartreuse Dior gown she wore. It still gets talked about as one of the most memorable Oscar looks! Also, in 1996 the choker worn by Sandra Bullock was a huge statement piece that, as I mentioned above, made a comeback this year, as Olivia Wilde wore an almost-identical one!

I still enjoy doing fun and adventurous things on the carpet, like putting a pin on a dress or in the hair. At the 2006 Oscars we put my Gardenia Brooch in Felicity Huffman’s hair and that was a great moment that we saw referenced again in Brie Larson’s choice of a jeweled barrette in her hair.


Here’s a look at who wore Martin Katz Jewels on the red carpet this year:

Chris Rock at Oscars in Men’s Diamond Cufflinks

Chris Rock “rocked” my diamond and onyx cufflinks.

Celebrity Amy Adams Wears Diamond Jewelry on Red Carpet

Here’s Amy Adams piling on diamond cuffs, a show-stopping cocktail ring, and marquise diamond drop earrings. To my earlier point about high jewelry trends being evolutionary rather than revolutionary, we’re seeing a revival of the marquise shape diamond.

Celebrity Emma Roberts in Diamond Icicle Drop Earrings

Emma Roberts wore our Diamond Icicle Drop Earrings composed of round and pear shaped stones. Pears are surging in popularity again!

Kate Bosworth in Oval Diamond Drop Earrings & Ring

Kate Bosworth wore Martin Katz Oval Diamond Drop Earrings set in 18kt rose gold, and our Hexagon Diamond Ring – a unique and artistic stone coveted by those who take an artful approach to jewelry.

Adam Glassman in Black Diamond Cufflinks on Red Carpet

For men, it’s all about the cuffs. Adam Glassman glistened in our Black Diamond cufflinks this year!