March 18, 2016

Aquamarine – The Color of the Sea

Brazilian Mined Aquamarine Diamond Ring Design

By far my favorite aquamarine piece that I have ever created. It’s from the Santa Maria mines, which produce the best stones in the world. The way it shimmers like a deep, still, pool of clear water is breathtaking.


March’s stone, the aquamarine, is prized for its tranquil, blue hue that evokes the color of the sea. In fact, its name is derived from the Latin “aqua” and “mare,” which means “water” and “sea.”

Aquamarine Obelisk with Tranquil Blue Hue

Aquamarine has always been a stone and color that I’ve liked to create jewelry with. I love the blue hue and the feeling of happiness that an aquamarine evokes. Besides water—which is elemental to humans—the color reminds me of spring and summer, when the sky is its deepest blue and all the flowers and trees are fresh after a long winter. Aquamarine and Diamond Drop Earrings for Women

I think blue is a color every woman can wear. Aquamarine pairs well with so many seasons and fashions.  Not only is it an uplifting color that enhances a woman’s complexion, but also a good luck talisman.  According to ancient lore, the woman who wears it will have a happy marriage with joy and wealth to boot.

Brazilian Aquamarine and Diamond Designer Ring

The various subtle nuances of color found in aquamarines reflect each stone’s origins, such as the rare, intense blue from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil. Some mines in Africa, particularly Mozambique, also produce stones with a similar intense hue, but they’re called “Santa Maria Africana” to distinguish them from their Brazilian counterparts.  Other aquamarines are a softer blue, such as the “Espirito Santo” stones, named for the Brazilian state where they’re found. The majority of aquamarine stones come from Brazil, but it’s also found throughout Africa, and South and Central Asia.

Brazilian Aquamarine Custom Cuts for Jewelry

It’s hard to find the qualities I like for my jewelry, but I often end up cutting or re-cutting them myself to bring out their best color.

Aquamarine and Diamond Drop Earrings for Women