The New York Palace

New York Palace Luxury Jewel Suite Collaboration
New York Palace - Luxury Jeweler Partnership
Jewel Suite Luxury Diamond Jewelry – New York Palace
New York Palace Luxury Diamond Jewelry Collaboration
New York Palace Designer Diamond Jewelry Collaboration
New York Palace Designer Diamond Jewelry Collaboration

In 2013, Martin Katz partnered with the renowned New York Palace Hotel to create one of New York’s most imaginative and extraordinary spaces, The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz in The Towers at The New York Palace.

After a $140 million renovation, Martin Katz revealed the suite with a grand opening party with VIP guests in attendance and performances by Grammy Award-winning artists including David Foster, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and The Tenors.

The 5,000 plus square foot, three-story suite merges romance with abstract elements in a luxurious and luminous setting. Katz’s personal touches can be found throughout the space; extraordinary displays of original artwork created by Martin expressly for The Jewel Suite. “I envisioned something ground breaking and never before attempted in a luxury hotel suite” said Katz.

The Jewel Suite celebrates light and reflection with a two-story cascading crystal chandelier along a grand stairway in sculptural harmony with five suspended “jewel boxes”, where Katz’s exclusive jewelry designs “live” permanently in the walls; valued in excess of $2 million. Sensual jewel-toned furnishing, dramatic wall art and a magnificent grand piano make this an ideal space for entertaining or relaxing in intimacy.

The Jewel Suite – New York Palace
Jewel Suite High End Diamond Jewelry Collaboration
The Jewel Suite – New York Palace

The second floor includes the grandmaster, and guest bedrooms, both en suite, adorned in rich hues exuding opulence and subtle romance. A sumptuous boudoir includes a Lucite tableau showcasing specular jewels. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors accommodate a large display of fashion for styling and showing.

A quiet, romantic hideaway awaits on the terrace level, complete with a historic wood-burning fireplace and penthouse-style glass walls. An outdoor terrace features an elevated stone spa and green space, where guest may enjoy a private dinner or breakfast–a one-of-a-kind urban escape with a million–dollar view of the Manhattan skyline.

New York Collection:

The New York Collection takes inspiration from the shapes, colors and skyline of Manhattan. The collection consists of bold and powerful pieces as well as classic jewels that speak to the sophistication and taste of New York.

“New York City is one of the most colorful places in the world,” says Katz. “After spending so much time designing the Jewel Suite by Martin Katz at The New York Palace, I was inspired by the views from my windows and wanted to design a collection that reflects the incredible architecture, the colors of the city that you don’t fully experience when on the ground, and the overall elegance of New York.”

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